Saint Patrick’s Day Hair Decoration

Yay for St. Patrick’s Day! Yay for the Rainbow Blog Hop 2014 (aka #RainbowHop14)! Yay for ribbons in our hair for decorations!!!

To create this, I used a bow from Naptime Creations and added shamrocks with Scribbles fabric paint.  Ta Da…super simple and really fun.

It is adorable in Little Laura’s hair to go to the parade.


Green is just one color in the rainbow.  Check out all of these other amazing projects by fabulous designers that together create a rainbow of DIY!

You can also enter to win a fabulous prize in this contest! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Celebrating, Dressing Up, Parading, and All Things Green,

Me and My Peeps

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Dip Dyed Valentines Day Clothespins

I dyed these mini wooden clothespin in Rit Dye’s Cherry Red and Fuchsia to create a way to display Valentines Day cards and treats.  I dip dyed them in bowls of hot water mixed with the liquid dyes (half and half) then let them dry.

When they were completely dry, I used hot glue from Ad-Tech to add buttons from Buttons Galore and More (Radical Red and the Valentines Day Mix from my Laura Kelly collection of course)

They worked great to display Valentines Day cards and treats that were created using Me and My Peeps designs along with other fun things!

Here are some fun close up shots of the clothespins in action!

If you are dyeing to create some other Valentines Day fun, check these DIY projects out!

You can enter to win a prize too...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Dyeing to Create a Magical Day of Love,

Me and My Peeps

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DIY Valentines Day with Me and My Peeps

Me and My Peeps love holidays!  To spread a little love this Valentines Day, we are sharing a free printable for you to use to create some love to share too.

You can use it to make creative, great things by cutting it up and attaching the pieces to paper, bags, candy and Valentines Day things.

Here is one example of a little Valentine gift bag.  This tiny brown bag came from Canvas Corp.

Check out some more fabulous ways to rock this printable on the artist’s (Laura Kelly) blog here or by clicking on the picture below!

Happy Loving Each Other Every Day,

Me and My Peeps

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DIY Festive Adorable Little ‘Me and My Peeps’ Ornament

Sculpey’s Bake Shop clay is the perfect medium to create “Me and My Peeps” adorable holiday ornaments that look like…you!

I used the 12 pack of clay to create this project, along with a few buttons from my Laura Kelly Collection with Buttons Galore and More.

I first created the head and hair using shades of clay that resemble my skin and hair.  I also made two little skin colored balls for my hands and set them to the side.

Then I added a Christmas dress in red with white trim, a Santa hat and made holiday boots to match.

I added the dress to the head then attached the hands and boots with little pieces of wire.

I followed the baking directions on the packaging to harden the clay then embellished my dress with the buttons and added the little “Me” ornament to the packaging of my gift for Ryp for Christmas.  He loves me so I bet he will love it.

I decided to create Piper, our new puppy, too.  After all, she is part of our family and we love her dearly.  I added her to a stocking I dyed with Rit Dye and wrote a tutorial on that earlier this week.

There are lots of great adorable little ornaments made with Sculpey products that posted as a part of this Linky Party!  Check them out.

And enter to win a prize pack of Sculpey products if you wish.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Creating,





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Little Pilgrim Sculpey Peep Girl

We got a fabulous box of products from Scupley this week and decided to test it out by creating a little girl pilgrim Peep.  The clay is amazingly simple and fun to work with. The first thing I did was flip my portfolio to my Thankgiving collection of designs and illustrations.

I rolled little pieces in my palms and molded each part of her little body.  To get her round hands a shoes to attach like a stick Peep, I used wire.  When she was all assembled, I put her in the over…following the directions on the Sculpey box.

I added a Black Beauty button from my collection with Buttons Galore to her neckline and now she is now a part of an adorable Thanksgiving wreath.  To check that out, visit the blog post on Laura Kelly’s INKlings where you can see the tutorial for her pet turkey too.

Happy Molding,


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Fun with Frankenstein – Free Printable Fun That Is

‘Me and My Peeps’ are planning a Frankenstein Movie Party and you are invited to join in and do the same.  Frankenstein is a movie with a rich history, written by a GIRL…way back in the 1800′s.  Now that is creepy cool we think.

To get started, you will need an invitation.  Here is a free downloadable one that you can use featuring us in costumes.

And here is a free download for cupcake toppers and place cards too.

This is just how adorable your cupcakes can be with a simple frosting job and some yummy Wilton sugar crystals on top when you add the toppers.

Place cards come in super handy when you are learning kids names (or trying to separate kids that cause…well you know…trouble when they sit side by side).

And to keep those kiddos busy when they finish making Frankenstein crafts, here is a word search puzzle you can download too.

Happy Partying Frank Style,

Me and My Peeps



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Witchy Witchy Popcorn Box Makeover

Yea, another super fun link-up party with POPCORN BOXES!  We used our scraps of paper and ribbons to create a masterpiece out of our popcorn box as a part of the Halloween Movie Popcorn Box Party!

First we traced the side of the box onto the back of decorative paper then we cut it out and attached it with Aleene’s Tacky Spray.  We used scraps of paper to cut out a witch and a hat and put it together on the box using the same tacky stuff then used a hot glue gun from Ad-Tech to make the ribbon dress.  We used canvas strip dyed in Rit Dye for the bow and added buttons from Buttons Galore and More to decorate it a little more!  Wa-Lah!  Wicked, right?

It is filled with Laura Kelly’s yummy popcorn mix!  For the recipe, click on the picture below and it will take you to the blog that shares it.

There are lots of great projects by so many fabulous bloggers in this fun party.  Please check them out!  Also, take a minute to check out Cre8time if you dare.  It is an amazing organization that supports CREATIVITY!

If you want to enter to win a $100 Disney gift card so you can buy movies of you own to watch and eat popcorn, here is your chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Popping,

Me and My Peeps


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“Teacher I Have to Go Potty” – Adorable DIY Bathroom Passes

We are so excited to be participating in the Buttons Galore and Rit Dye DIY Back to School Blog Hop!  Look at us.  We are on bathroom and hall passes.  That means that we are going to be going to the bathroom lots and lots of times every single school day this year.  YEA for us.   These passes were made in 15 minutes!  The wood was dipped in HOT water with Rit Dye (Apple Green and Fuchsia) to color them.

We LOVE using Rit Dye to color wooden projects.  When they were dry (you can speed up the process and put them in the oven or in the hot sun) adhere the ‘Me and My Peeps’ decal following the direction in the package.  I added a layer of Hard Coat Mod Podge on top and printed a Girl and Boy tag (free download if you like them).   The buttons were added with Ad-tech’s hot glue and hot glue gun  The favorite tool of Me and My Peeps is the glue gun!

Here is the free printable if you want to use it for the Boy and Girl cutouts.

We look great hanging out in the middle of our designer’s books (published by Ollie Bollie Books), don’t we.  Just so you know, Me and My Peeps are not partial.  We like supporting reading and going to the potty.  There is a time for everything!

If you want to enter a contest to win this amazing prize, we hope you will take the time to do it.  There are so many talented and fun designers participating in this one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Back to School,

Me and My Peeps

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Me and My Peeps Fly Delta Airlines

It is true, I travel a lot, Me and My Peeps love to explore and learn about new places.  In sorting through pictures and memories, I came across lots of times that we were happily flying from place to place thanks to our favorite airline, DELTA!  It all starts when we check out luggage.  The guys that meet us are always so happy to see us.

Getting through security isn’t so much fun.  Who likes to lie down flat on their back and go through a conveyer belt tunnel?

Sometimes getting to the plane is a journey in and of itself, riding on buses and trams and even being out by the action.

Delta fits us perfectly.

We love Delta because the flight attendants and pilots always make us feel special and treat us with respect and kindness, while keeping us safe to get where we want to go.

They respect our little pet friends and when they sneak out of our packed luggage and end up on board, they are welcomed too.  Nice pilots let us look into their cockpits.

Being in airports on layovers is a blast with Me and My Peeps!  We love to shop and meet new people!

If you ever see Me and My Peeps on a Delta flight or in an airport, stop us and say hello.  If Laura is with us (the artist who draws and designs us), ask her to draw you.  She happily will.

Happy Travels!

Me (Laura) and My Peeps






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Me and My Peeps DIY Family CHALKBOARD

It is the last day of the Me and My Peeps Blog Hop but the first day of the rest of the days ahead to make all of the great projects using the decals from Plaid and the Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore!  This chalkboard is super easy because it uses a chalkboard already prepared and ready.  Of course you could use chalkboard paint and make your own too.

Use hot glue (Adtech is my fave) to apply ribbon and buttons.  If you want to add clips to the bottom, you can use painted clothespins with buttons to embellish.

The little wooden heart was painted with Krylon spray paint (Watermelon Gloss)!  LOVE that stuff.


Special thanks to our Sponsors and Promoting Partners

Laura Kelly Designs + Niki Meiners + Laura Kelly Buttons + Plaid Enterprises + A.C. Moore + Cre8time


Check out lots of other fabulous projects!!!

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There is also an awesome giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Creating,

Me and My Peeps

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